Mountain View College Academy admits any student regardless of creed, religion, nationality, tribe or social origins. Although church affiliation is not a requirement for admission, a student is expected to abide by the policies and standards of the College.



Mountain View College Academy offers a rigorous, Christ-centered academic program that examines the course content through biblical worldview.  It is the academy’s goal for students to be academically prepared for what God has planned for them as they graduate from this academy. Through passionate and qualified teachers, and an uncompromising biblical approach to education, the academy is committed to prepare its students to become useful members of the church and of the society.



As its main objective is to give its learners Wholictic Education, Mountain View College Academy goes beyond just the classroom activities! It offers various co-curricular and extracurricular activities, such as but not limited to learning musical electives, membership in different club organizations and sports teams, involvement in leadership training, work education program, and spiritual growth and outreach programs.

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Mountain View College Academy, a Seventh-day Adventist institution, was established way back in 1954. The very reason for this academy’s establishment was to provide secondary education to the children of the workers of Mountain View College. Soon enough, MVCA started accepting students from different places just to meet the demand of the neighboring communities for secondary education.

At present, MVCA has 22 resident and adjunct faculty members and maintains a student population of almost 400 students.  The facilities are as follows: Offices for the Principal, Secretary, Guidance Counselor, Pathfinder Club, Supreme Student Government, faculty room, accreditation room, 10 class classrooms, laboratories for Science, TLE, and Computer, libraries and a guest house.

Set on Buffalo Hill, MVCA stands—a witness of God’s faithfulness and a beacon of light to all young people.



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