Apply To MVC

How To Apply

Mountain View College admits any student regardless of creed, religion, nationality, tribe or social origins. Although church affiliation is not a requirement for admission, a student is expected to abide by the policies and standards of the College.

The College reserves the right to deny acceptance to any applicant whose qualifications do not meet the standards and requirements of the College. Applications must be addressed to: THE ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE

0910 686 8865
0965 226 5161
0917 133 9769



A new student is a senior high school graduate enrolling in college for the first time. At enrollment time, he/she must submit the following credentials:

  1. Form 138/Report Card
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  4. Admission Fee (P415)

For Seventh-day Adventist applicants
(A) Baptismal Certificate
(B) Recommendation letter (Pastor/Church)


A transferee is one who has taken college courses in another institution and enrolls in MVC. A former student returning after having studied in another institution is also considered a transferee. At the time of enrollment, a transferee must submit the following credentials:

  1. Honorable dismissal from the school last attended
  2. Transcript of Records for evaluation
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  5. Admission Fee (P415)

For Seventh-day Adventist applicants
(A) Baptismal Certificate
(B) Recommendation letter (Pastor/Church)


Application for Admission forms can be obtained by writing to:
Mountain View College
College Heights, Mt. Nebo,
8709 Valencia City, Bukidnon


A foreign student applying for admission to any degree program offered by the College must be at least 18 years of age and must comply with the following:

  1. Application fee of two hundred dollars ($200) which is non-refundable
  2. Financial guarantee deposit of one thousand dollars (US$1000) which can only be withdrawn upon finishing the course or leaving the College permanently. The Financial guarantee deposit must be sent in check form and in US dollar currency payable to Mountain View College.
  3. A Visa application fee of five hundred dollars (US$500) is required upon admission.
  4. Foreign students are also required to pay one thousand dollars (US$1000) as initial down payment.
  5. Certificate of good moral character from the school last attended.
  6. High school diploma or certification of high school graduation.
  7. Documents required by the immigration for the processing of a student visa. You may choose from the following options in obtaining a student visa:

Admission Process


Fill up Admission Form

During this step, students must fill up the Admission form correctly. The information will be used for official documents of the College. Required documents is needed during this step. The students will be able to select their residences and down-payment is required to proceed to the next step

*The student will receive an AUTOMATED SMS Text (Mobile phone provided) after the confirmation of your submissions. MVC Student handbook and Fraternity waiver will be sent to the student’s email/ Institutional email for Old students.


Class Evaluation and Loading

After the validation of your payment in the DSF (Office of the Director for Student Finance), the Department Chair will evaluate your class load and will generate your courses for the semester.

(January 9, 2022 – Start of Class Evaluation and Loading)

*The student will receive a notification of the completion of the Class Evaluation and Loading. Certificate of Registration (COR) will reflect on the Student’s App.

*Meal loading and Room Assignment Confirmation will be processed as well on this step.


Officially Enrolled!

After the Class Loading, the student is officially enrolled. Student App will be activated.

*Official Enrolled students will receive their log-in credentials for the Student App.

Things To Know First (Foreign Students)

Foreign Students who wish to enroll on Mountain View College:

Before proceeding to enrollment proper, kindly refer to the coordinator for Foreign Students, Mrs. Joy Sumagaysay for proper Guidance. 

You may contact her via at or may call her at phone number 0995 038 5807

  • Application for Admission forms can be obtained by writing to: The Director of Admission, Mountain View College, Mt. Nebo, Valencia City, Bukidnon, 8709 Philippines of the Office of the Registrar at

When To Apply?

Term Start of Registration End
First Semester July 1, 2023 August 26, 2023
Second Semester December 2023 January 2024
InterSemester May 1, 2023 July 23, 2023

Where to submit necessary documents?

Documents not submitted through the online method can be mailed to:

Mountain View College
Registrars Office

Mt. Nebo, Valencia City, Bukidnon
8709 Philippines