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School Year 2018 - 2019

team member

Dr. Gladden O. Flores

MVC President
team member

Dr. Hope S. Aperocho

MVC Vice President of Academic Affairs

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team member

Pastor Carlos N. Aganio

MVC Vice President of Student Affairs
team member

Mr. Eric H. Barnuevo

MVC Vice President Finance

Did you know? The old administration building and classrooms were built in March 17, 1953. (Job Tanamal, “A Pioneer's Diary,” p.81)

Flashes for July 13, 2018

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Wyndale Jing Libetario

According to Nelson Mandela, "Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world", but as a student you should balance the academic and the social aspects in order for you to enjoy and survive college life.

The different schools and departments in the college spent a few hours of their weekends over an acquaintance party to establish smooth interpersonal relationship with peers and teachers, and to know the newly elected officers of their respective clubs. A school’s acquaintance party serves as a kick-off activity for freshmen students, for transferees, and for old students to get to know one another and to build friendship.

Saturday evening, on June 30, 2018, the School of Arts and Science (SAS) held their party at the covered court with the theme "Larong Pambata" (games for kids). The party began with an evening devotional message by Jayson Gesta, SAS president, who shared a message from a book by Bob Ong pointing out the reminder of doing your best all the time. The second part of the program is the socials where everyone participated in various games prepared by the officers. Snacks were given to those who attended the event. The program ended with a closing remark by the School Dean, Asst. Prof. Pinky Leonor Bayeta and the closing prayer by Dr. May Ann Bretaña.

The afternoon of July 1st, 2018, the Acquaintance Party of the School Of Nursing was also held at covered court with the theme “Vintage: Lost in Retrospect." It also started with a devotional message by Pastor Silverio Reyno who talked about taking life’s challenges, leadership, and serving without expecting anything in return. He reminded everyone to just believe in yourself because people will notice your salient personalities. Following the devotional is the grand social marching where students have to find a partner and then they have to get to know each other. The 3rd part of the program was the games portion which includes family feud, pop the balloon, catch the tail, and vintage life music. The program ended with a picture taking and the distribution of snacks.

Later of the same day, the School of Education held their acquaintance night at the Florence Kern Auditorium with the attendees sporting their "denim attire ". The party kicked off with a devotional message given by Ms. Rhiza PeriwPeriw. The second part is the walk on the runway by the SOE teachers and students, wearing their denim jeans attire. A video presentation prepared by the EDTECH 2 MAPEH Group was also shown that night. The 3rd part is the games and the proclamation of the Mister & Miss Denim. Snacks were also given out at the end of the program.

The School of Agriculture also had their acquaintance party on a Saturday night. At 7 o’clock, the faculty and students gathered at the SOA building dressed as cowboys and cowgirls. Their devotional speaker was Beltsasar Rizaga. They also had games for that night, as well as snacks for everyone who attended.

The weekend was full of learning and enjoyment for every member of the different schools. Not only did they have fun, but they have also developed a sense of friendship, family, and unity.



Bevvy Guinevere V. Villarma

On July 11, 2018, a Grand Social Orientation was held at Mountain View College Alumni Church with the theme “Making Sure the Past has a Future”. The program commenced as the master of ceremony, Jimmie Solis, announced the start of the processional led by the Master Guides, who also served as bearers of different flags – from the Philippine national flag, the school flag, and all the other flags from countries represented here in the college. This was accompanied by the joyous music of the Mountain View College Orchestra. The venue was filled with cheers when the faculty members of the different schools and departments, as well as the Administrators (VPSA, VPF, VPAA and the President), marched along the aisle in their stylish filipiniana and barong.

The invocation was a prayer song sung by the AP Ladies. After the opening song, Kyle Daphne Upao sang the National Anthem. Then a video presentation of the school’s rally song was shown as everyone was encouraged to sing along. Dr. Hope Aperocho,Vice President for Academic Affairs, led in the reading of the college emblems.

Another video presentation featuring Dr. Allen Monta, Deonnel Perren, and Dr. Jerald L. Pelayo, was featured. It was followed by a musical number from the sons and daughters singing group. The speech of introduction by Pastor Ultimino Rivera Jr. paved way for the audience to know more about the speaker, Pastor Heshbon Buscato, the South Philippine Union Conference Communication Director. The message of the speaker was a reminder of God’s message for all of us. He was quoted as saying “You have a great inheritance. Go out there and claim it”.

Right after the message and the recognition of the speaker, the administrators, faculty members, and support staff were introduced by the Master of Ceremony. This was done while a slideshow presentation of their photos and corresponding credentials was being shown. Then the college president, Dr. Gladden Flores, posed a challenge, which was accepted by everyone through the three vice presidents – Dr. Hope Aperocho for the academic affairs, Mr. Eric Barnuevo for the Finance, and Pastor Carlos Aganio for the Student Services. The college president also led in the Litany of Adventist Academic Excellence. The closing song by the Advent Philomels and the benediction by the speaker, Pastor Heshbon Buscato, wrapped up the event. Those in attendance were requested to stay by until the end of the recessional.



Sweet Rhena Mae N. Fallorina

Unity, skills, and coordination in pursuing one goal.

Basketball is the most loved team sport here in our country. It does not only promote camaraderie among the players, but it also is an avenue for fun and enjoyment. Last Thursday night, July 5, 2018, the faculty and the students took part in the basketball tournament held at the MVC covered court conducted by the Guidance and Counseling Center in accordance with the week-long emphasis of Drug Awareness and Prevention.

There were 7 playing teams who participated in the said event, from which 4 were from the men’s category namely Team Camarada, Team Master Guide, Team Wawa and the team of the Male Faculty. The remaining 3 teams were from the women’s category, these are the Team Commuters, Team from the BSN and BSMT freshmen and the team of the Female Faculty. Though the tournament’s aim was just for everyone to have fun and to enjoy, still all the participating teams have exhibited great playing skills and teamwork inside the court. It has been a scorching game despite the cold weather. Activities like this are a great avenue for students and faculty to bond and to connect the gap that separates us.


Ministerial Seminar Gets Dedicated for Service

Jesnel Kharl Apugan

“So Send I You” was the theme chosen for the Ministerial Seminar’s dedication program that took place last Friday, July 6th, 2018, at the MVC alumni church. With 63 student pastors, 45 evangelists, 16 Branch Sabbath School Teachers (BSST), 25 hiking missionaries, 17 regular members, 53 freshmen who will be trained for service, and the MS Sponsors present, they were ready to dedicate or rededicate themselves for the fulfilment of the Lord’s work through the MS purpose and mission.

Pastor Jimmy Adil, as the speaker for the dedication, spoke on the significant role of MVC and MS in training students for mission work. He further spoke about a paradigm shift in our understanding of what the Lord expects of us for the fulfilment of the great commission entrusted to every Christian. He explained that Adventists should not merely look for employment in Adventist institutions, but that Adventists should look toward working outside of their denominational institutions to better spread the Gospel throughout the world. This was a major point to ponder on and it was directed especially to students with a desire to use their profession in the future to be an influence for Christ.

The dedication program ended solemnly with a candle lighting ceremony, a prayer of commitment by Pastor Ultimino Rivera Jr., and a befitting song, “So Send I You,” from which the theme of the dedication was derived.

This year, the Ministerial Seminar program aims not merely to minister to the churches and surrounding communities, but also to prepare and train members of those churches to take up ministerial duties of their local church as well as evangelistic efforts to reach out to those in their communities, in the absence of their local pastor and independent of MS. It has a two-fold purpose: to serve and to train others for service. Through the training and resources MS will provide, and with the help and grace of God, MS believes that their goal is not only possible but certain.


MVC Holds Spiritual Retreat

Desiree L. Pacolor

As a tradition of Mountain View College at the fresh start of the semester, different schools spent their Sabbath last July 7, 2018, on their respective venues to venture on the spirit of unity and communion with God through a Spiritual Retreat.

The most awaited program started with a Sabbath School discussion on the set of questions for the theme Faithfulness to His Word. The questions were focused on sharing God’s word, on keeping our body healthy, on simplicity, and on preparation for the end time.

The divine worship program was also done by schools with the following people as their speakers: Pinky Leonor Bayeta, SAS Dean, for the School of Arts and Sciences; Deonnel Peren, BEED alumnus, for the School of Education; Pr. Felixian Felicitas, SOT Dean, for the School of Theology; Pr. Jimmy Adil, Guidance Counselor, for the School of Business and Accountancy; and Pr. Silverio Reyno, immediate past church pastor of the MVC alumni church, for the School of Nursing.

Different schools spent their Sabbath in a unique way by having communion service, sermons, and group dynamics. The Adventist Youth program in the afternoon was done in their own style, such as testimonial time, musical rendition, team building through moralistic treasure hunting, and panel discussions.

An interview with a freshman student on what he has to say about the day’s activities reveal that the spiritual retreat helped him become more acquainted with the other students and also with the faculty and staff of the college. The event has strengthened bonds and at the same time also opened new opportunities for students to grow not just spiritually, but in all aspects of their lives as well.


Election of New Sets of Officers

Bevvy Guinevere Villarma

• Another year has come for each of the schools of Mountain View College to elect a new batch of Officers. The following are the leaders of their respective schools, clubs and organizations for this academic year.

School of Education Student Council

President:             Rein Beryl Gaje

Vice President Religious:   Vladimiri Lilangan

Vice President Social:    Jeremiah Baradas

Secretary:             Katrina Van Loreen Polinio

Treasurer:             April Joy Tabaosares

Documentary Officer:     Karl Vanjour Legaspi

Media Officer:          Prince Dean Baya

CSC Representatives:     Carl John Aganio

                  Rhiza Periwperiw

Ministerial Seminar Organization

President:             Arwenn Berago

Vice President:       Fermin Olila

Secretary:             Aiko Falejo

Associate Secretary:       Melou Jean Villarobia

Treasurer:             Christian Dayoc

Auditor:               Ciresthian Alfed Baal

Parliamentarian:         Jeffrey Fabregas

S.I.O:                Bernard Nitro

P.I.O:                Jesnel Kharl Apugan

MS Pastor:             Kim Gilbuena

MS Evangelist:           Jandell Rivas

BSST Coordinator:         April Joy Tabaosares

Associate BSST Coordinator:  Annaliza Escorial

Transportation Coordinator:  Dan Bulalajos

Asst. Transpo Coordinator:  Rocky Feller Caliso

Artists:                 Buddy Ayap

                     Judy Ann Loregas

                     Huricane Lauron

Hiking Coordinator:        Jephune Noval

CSC Representative:      John Mark Conde

School of Agriculture Officers

President:             James Lloyd Audie B. Maramara

Vice President Religious:   Beltsasar B. Rizaga

Vice President Social:     Romneck G. Maglangit

Secretary:             Keer Win M. Bitoon

Treasurer:             Jenie Rica C. Biescas

Documentary Officer:      Benjie L. Valmorida

Media Officer:           Samuel M. Peñaranda

CSC Representatives:    Chukie B. Palma

                  Jonarelh Santuyo

School of Arts and Sciences

President:             Jayson A. Gesta

Vice President Religious:   Jenabelle M. Montealto

Vice President Social:     Desiree L. Pacolor

Secretary:             Evanny C.Sajonia

Treasurer:             Daphney Jhean Pansacala

Auditor:               Darlyn Langit

Artists:              Julie Ann M. Lagrada

                   Jeremiah Llagono

P.I.O:               Charalie R. Oraño

CSC Representatives:    Gruwins Emerald G. Dayo

                 Svea Bulangis

Documentary Officers:     Ju In A

                      Marc Gabrielle R. Lozano

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

S.Y. 2018-2019

President:             Erick Jo B. Ferrarin

Vice President Religious:   Orville John B. Elegino

Vice President Social:     Russell Kurt Siton

Secretary:             Rica Joy C. Queroyla

Treasurer:             Lloyd Jefferson T. Siglos

P.I.O:                Jonathan V. Cafe

Auditor:              Jeaneth Loid B. Viernes

CSC Representative:      Jay Vinson T. Tampus

Artists:                Daryl L. Antiquina

                  Jewel Real P. Panes

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Accounting Technology Officers

S.Y 2018-2019

President:              Kim Tanaga

Vice President Religious:    Aimyrrh Jynn Boholst

Vice President Social:       Charles Morente

Vice External:           Lourdes Montalvan

Secretary:              Rasyl Zhaun Gauzon

Assistant Secretary:       Ruzzel Joy Ladaran

Treasurer:               Nelmar Faith Borbon

Assistant Treasurer:         Jessan Toto

P.I.O:                 Ornice Claire Opao

                  Serps Jay Bruce

Auditor:                 Maynessa Poblacion

                    Abigail Simbolon

Artists:                 Andrei Lee Acson

                    Ciresthian Alfed Baal

                    Demver Bruce Burato

                    Charlaine Dexter Jois Padilla

CSC Representative:      Joylyn Linderman


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