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School Year 2018 - 2019

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Dr. Gladden O. Flores

MVC President
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Dr. Hope S. Aperocho

MVC Vice President of Academic Affairs

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Pastor Carlos N. Aganio

MVC Vice President of Student Affairs
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Mr. Eric H. Barnuevo

MVC Vice President Finance

Did you know? The old administration building and classrooms were built in March 17, 1953. (Job Tanamal, “A Pioneer's Diary,” p.81)

Flashes for July 6, 2018

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Ministerial Seminar Holds Spiritual Retreat

Jesnel Kharl B. Apugan

The anticipated Ministerial Seminar (MS) organization of MVC appropriately called for an MS weekend retreat to prepare and equip its members with resources and skills for a year-long ministry in the nearby churches and communities.

In the afternoon of Friday, June 29th, 2018, the retreat commenced with an orientation and overview of the one- year MS evangelism plan. That evening, Pr. Clyde Sumatra shared a message focusing on the theme of evangelism.

The retreat resumed Saturday afternoon, June 30th, with Pr. Mamerto Guingging, SSD Communication Director, as the plenary speaker who spoke on the character of being an MVCian and an MS member. He emphasized that we need to bring the BRAND of being a disciple of Christ.

After his part, Pr. Jimmy Adil dealt with the question, “How should missionaries behave?” The emphatic point is that Christian missionaries should adapt the behavior that follows after the likeness of Christ; simple, humble, sacrificial etc.

Later that evening, a specific specialization training was offered to each distinct functional group of the MS organization to train them for their specific duties at the churches to which they will be assigned. For the Branch Sabbath School Teachers (BSSTs), Cindy Ariola and Carol Caliso presented on how one can become an effective child evangelist. Pr. Criscel Leo Garilva taught concerning effective Sabbath School teaching. Brother Fermin Olila lectured on how to become an effective Bible worker and evangelist. For the freshmen students, a cross-training, team-building activity was prepared for them.

The weekend was packed, full of insights and skills necessary for every member to be effective and impactful in their duties. Not only did they receive training for effective evangelism, but the retreat purposed to prepare their hearts and minds for the cause of the Gospel as well.

The retreat then consummated with a social night with the theme of unity and fellowship.


SAS Holds Action Research Seminar-Workshop

Sydone Wriptumer

The first Monday of July marks the start of a promising semester as the faculty members of the School of Arts and Sciences had their first in-house faculty development activity for the academic year 2018-2019. The event was a seminar-workshop on action research.

Action research, one of the recent trends in research, is ideal for classroom implementation. Among its many benefits is for teachers to facilitate better learning opportunities for students, while keeping them involved in the planning of classroom activities to enhance their learning.

The program started at 7:30 in the morning for registration and the devotional. The seminar proper commenced at around 9 o’clock, with all the SAS faculty in attendance. The resource person for the program, Dr. Ian C. Abordo, is no stranger to Mountain View College. He is an alumnus who graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Values Education. Upon completion of his post-graduate degrees in education, he served as faculty member, and later chairperson in the BSEd program of the school. MVC will always be his home. Among his many qualifications, doing research is one of his strengths. He does not hesitate to share his knowledge with people who want to learn more.

The simplified way of instruction created an avenue for questions and sharing of ideas. The attendees shared ideas and concepts for the actual research they are expected to do this year. What seemed to be an impossible task, suddenly felt possible and even exciting. By the end of the seminar, the brainstorming output were shared among attendees for evaluation and constructive criticism. The results were unique in their own right. The varied disciplines and areas of expertise of the faculty members added more flavor to the different types of output that day.

It was a day well-spent. The new information gained from the activity provided opportunities for the faculty members to be actively involved in doing research while helping the students improve their skills and performance in the process.



Sweet Rhena Mae N. Fallorina

“Prepare your running shoes, stretch your running goals and aim to make a difference.”

Running is one of the most popular fitness activities among Filipinos today. It does not only promote healthy lifestyle, but it also boasts many health benefits like strengthening our body’s stamina and muscles, improve cardiovascular fitness, help build stronger bones and many others.

With the continuation of the Drug Awareness and Prevention Week, the Student Development Committee conducted a Fun Run, facilitated by the Guidance Office and the Peer Facilitators. The assembly time is 4:30 AM at the MVC covered court. Before the participants dashed to the finish line, they were first inspired through the short devotional message of the Peer Facilitator’s Adviser Ms. Precious Grace Velasco. In her message, she reminded the runners that winning is not solely about being the first one to finish the race, but it’s about how you do it. For her, it doesn’t matter if you finish the race last, what matters most is that you ran faithfully.

After some series of stretching, an estimated number of more or less 400 students from Elementary, High school, and College, including the faculty and staff, ran around the campus along the Engineering drive, Malingon drive, Pines drive, Korean village, the lane along the Pearl and Amethyst dormitories and back to the MVC covered court where the finish line is. Safety of the participants were also doubled through the presence of the Medics around the area of the Fun Run.

Winners of the said event received cash prizes according to their respective categories.



1st- Riano, Bradley

2nd- Sumatra, Jezer

3rd- Restauro, Tyron


1st- Soriano, Kylle Julane

2nd- Eleuterio, Duanne Claire

3rd- Opao, Jan Kathleen



1st- Palma, Ariel

2nd- Dungay, Nemrod

3rd- Nepomuceno, Arbel


1st- Abrina, Ellen

2nd- Polacas, Mary Kris

3rd- Palasan Aida

More exciting programs and activities in line with the Drug Awareness and Prevention Week will continue until July 7, 2018 including Basketball and Volleyball tournament and Grand Social night.


Welcome Home SULADS

Charles Dave Negre

Started as a Student Missionary Program of Mountain View College (MVC) which began in the late 1960s. What really started the movement was a vision of two different men from two different worlds. God chose them to be the spark of this soon-to-be-successful missionary foundation. As time goes by they changed the name to SULADS, which translates to the Manobo dialect as Brother or Sister. A fitting name to the group that God blessed to reach out to our brothers in the mountains, to share the love of God.

On June 24 2018, Mountain View College catered the 50th anniversary of the group which originally formed here. The theme is “rekindling the spirit of the pioneers”. The group stayed at MVC from Sunday to Sunday. But this anniversary was not like any other. They did not just stay in the campus, but they did what they do best - to help others.

Their week was packed with well-planned activities including registration, a free clinic in Sto. Domingo to offer their help to the community there, an acquaintance night to get to know their brothers and sisters in service here and abroad. They bonded and shared experiences and stories of God’s love while they work in the field.

They greeted Monday morning with the parade and opening ceremony. During the parade everyone showcased the beauty of the place they came from. In the afternoon they had tribal exhibits and proudly presented the products and works of the tribes. Ranging from simple trinkets to complicated weavings.

Tuesday morning was packed with kindling stories and testimonies from the different SULADS mission and they also had tribute and recognition. Afternoon was allotted for their sports fest games. In the evening they did the part 2 of the cultural presentation, featuring Canada and the Philippines from the NCMC and NEMM.

Wednesday morning was the finale of the cultural presentation with the Missions from the Philippines namely, ZPM-Mindoro, DM, SMM, and Luzon. A workshop for personal grooming and development was also done that day.

The SULADS left MVC on Thursday and headed out to the mission schools to give their assistance and love. This helped them to remember the happiness in seeing a child smile and say thank you. How it soothes your heart then you see their eyes sparkle with hope. The melodious laughter as they would laugh with happiness and contentment. This activity not only gave them the energy to do their missionary work but also it gave them the time to thank the Lord for leading them to this service to give thanks to God for giving them this kind of happiness that you can’t find anywhere and from anything but only from serving and helping others.

Friday morning, they came back to MVC from the mission schools they visited. A general assembly and a welcoming the Sabbath program was done, which culminated with a foot-washing ceremony to show humility and servant leadership. The vespers program at alumni church included the singing of songs and more. To close the vespers, there was a dedication and the naming of the Datus and the Baes. It was a sight to see.

The Sabbath program was a rare event. They did not disappoint the congregation with the amazing program planned. In the afternoon, they had the parade of tribes, the stories of the history of SULADS, and the awarding and recognition program. In the evening, nothing is ever good as closing an Anniversary with a SULADS social night.

On Sunday morning, it was finally time to go home. With their faith and passion rekindled, they faced forward with confidence, with their spirits of service quenched by the works they did that week. They dream on to the future and pray for the best for their missions and for the SULADS as a whole. They came here to rekindle the spirit and they left as a bright burning beacon, ready to lead the lost to the feet of God. We pray for our brothers and sisters of the ministry and know that our prayers will follow you wherever you go. For in God, we are ONE.

Credits to Florence Dale Delos Reyes for the extensive information.


New Set of School Officers

Bevvy Guinevere Villarma

• Another year has come for each of the schools of Mountain View College to elect a new batch of Officers. The following are the leaders of their respective schools, clubs and organizations for this academic year.

School of Education Student Council

President:             Rein Beryl Gaje

Vice President Religious:   Vladimiri Lilangan

Vice President Social:    Jeremiah Baradas

Secretary:             Katrina Van Loreen Polinio

Treasurer:             April Joy Tabaosares

Documentary Officer:     Karl Vanjour Legaspi

Media Officer:          Prince Dean Baya

CSC Representatives:     Carl John Aganio

                  Rhiza Periwperiw

Ministerial Seminar Organization

President:             Arwenn Berago

Vice President:       Fermin Olila

Secretary:             Aiko Falejo

Associate Secretary:       Melou Jean Villarobia

Treasurer:             Christian Dayoc

Auditor:               Ciresthian Alfed Baal

Parliamentarian:         Jeffrey Fabregas

S.I.O:                Bernard Nitro

P.I.O:                Jesnel Kharl Apugan

MS Pastor:             Kim Gilbuena

MS Evangelist:           Jandell Rivas

BSST Coordinator:         April Joy Tabaosares

Associate BSST Coordinator:  Annaliza Escorial

Transportation Coordinator:  Dan Bulalajos

Asst. Transpo Coordinator:  Rocky Feller Caliso

Artists:                 Buddy Ayap

                     Judy Ann Loregas

                     Huricane Lauron

Hiking Coordinator:        Jephune Noval

CSC Representative:      John Mark Conde

School of Agriculture Officers

President:             James Lloyd Audie B. Maramara

Vice President Religious:   Beltsasar B. Rizaga

Vice President Social:     Romneck G. Maglangit

Secretary:             Keer Win M. Bitoon

Treasurer:             Jenie Rica C. Biescas

Documentary Officer:      Benjie L. Valmorida

Media Officer:           Samuel M. Peñaranda

CSC Representatives:    Chukie B. Palma

                  Jonarelh Santuyo

School of Arts and Sciences

President:             Jayson A. Gesta

Vice President Religious:   Jenabelle M. Montealto

Vice President Social:     Desiree L. Pacolor

Secretary:             Evanny C.Sajonia

Treasurer:             Daphney Jhean Pansacala

Auditor:               Darlyn Langit

Artists:              Julie Ann M. Lagrada

                   Jeremiah Llagono

P.I.O:               Charalie R. Oraño

CSC Representatives:    Gruwins Emerald G. Dayo

                 Svea Bulangis

Documentary Officers:     Ju In A

                      Marc Gabrielle R. Lozano

Other club officers will be posted on the next issue.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

S.Y. 2018-2019

President:             Erick Jo B. Ferrarin

Vice President Religious:   Orville John B. Elegino

Vice President Social:     Russell Kurt Siton

Secretary:             Rica Joy C. Queroyla

Treasurer:             Lloyd Jefferson T. Siglos

P.I.O:                Jonathan V. Cafe

Auditor:              Jeaneth Loid B. Viernes

CSC Representative:    Jay Vinson T. Tampus

Artists:              Daryl L. Antiquina

                 Jewel Real P. Panes

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Accounting Technology Officers

S.Y 2018-2019

President:            Kim Tanaga

Vice President Religious:   Aimyrrh Jynn Boholst

Vice President Social:     Charles Morente

Vice External:           Lourdes Montalvan

Secretary:             Rasyl Zhaun Gauzon

Assistant Secretary:     Ruzzel Joy Ladaran

Treasurer:             Nelmar Faith Borbon

Assistant Treasurer:     Jessan Toto

P.I.O:               Ornice Claire Opao

            Serps Jay Bruce

Auditor:             Maynessa Poblacion

                Abigail Simbolon

Artists:             Andrei Lee Acson

                Ciresthian Alfed Baal

                Demver Bruce Burato

                Charlaine Dexter Jois Padilla

CSC Representative:     Joylyn Linderman


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