Financial Information for Senior High ABM Strand Grade 11 (Village & Commuter)

Mountain View College  
College Heights, Mt. Nebo, 8709 Valencia City, Bukidnon, Philippines  
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FINANCIAL INFORMATION (Village & Commuter) for ABM Strand G-11 Estimated Fees  
School Year 2016 - 2017  
Tuition (267.07 per unit * 68 units) P 18,160.76          
General Fees     3,665.19          
Miscellaneous Fees     2,066.14          
Total Charges     P 23,892.09          
**Note: Books and Laboratory fees are excluded.            
            Fees are subject to change with or without prior notice.          
Less: Government Subsidy              
  Graduate from Government School 17,500.00          
   ESC & EVC Scholars (Private School) 14,000.00          
Total Charges for Students from Gov't Schools 6,392.09          
Total Charges for ESC & EVC Scholars 9,892.09          
Laboratory Fees (Per Semester)              
  Accounting Laboratory 1,500.00   Caregiving   2,022.29  
  Automotive Servicing 1,157.05   Computer Laboratory 3,000.00  
  Bread and Pastry/Cookery 1,107.90   Science Laboratory 1,522.59  
  Matriculation   227.95         Test Paper 374.06  
  Library   745.93         Communication 84.29  
  Medical   205.60         Pop Sheet 164.49  
  Audio Visual   111.00         Accreditation 95.41  
  Physical Examination   460.32         PTA 169.30  
  Guidance   394.86         Student Handbook 165.00  
  Physical Education   164.49         Registration   50.00  
  Insurance   99.00         Library Card   44.00  
  PRISAA Fee   22.00         Sentry Magazine 165.00  
  Developmental   740.04         School ID   137.50  
  Dental   111.41         Mailing   64.03  
  CESO   165.00         SSG   100.00  
  Endowment   217.59         Club Fee   250.00  
                  Transportation 83.06  
                  Gate Pass   120.00  
  Total General Fees    P 3,665.19     Total Miscellaneous Fees  P 2,066.14  
SCHEDULE OF PAYMENT:   Registration Payments (July'16-Jan'17) 1st Week Feb'17   
  For Non-EVS Scholars 5,000.00     3,000.00   Remaining Balance  
     Subsidized 30%   4,000.00     2,200.00   Remaining Balance  
     Subsidized 60%   2,500.00     1,500.00   Remaining Balance  
  For ESC and EVS Scholars 3,500.00     1,500.00   Remaining Balance  
     Subsidized 30%   1,500.00     1,000.00   Remaining Balance  
     Subsidized 60%   500.00     -   Remaining Balance
  For Gov't Schools Graduates 1,500.00     1,400.00   Remaining Balance  
MVC accepts payments through:  Online Bank Deposit, Check Issuance limited to Demand Draft, Manager's Check  
and Cashiers check only. For your protection, make your remittance payable to MOUNTAIN VIEW COLLEGE.
Financial inquiries should be directed to:   MVC BANK ACCOUNTS   
  Mrs. Nora S. Ligsay   BDO (Peso Acct.) Valencia City 00321-0000691
  Director for Student Finance   LBP  (Peso Acct.) Valencia City 0351-0674-46
  Mountain View College, College Heights   ONB (Peso Acct.) Valencia City 040-49-0001815
  Mt. Nebo, 8709 Valencia City   PNB (Peso Acct.) Malaybalay City 285-035900017
  Bukidnon, Philippines   PNB (Peso Acct.) Valencia City 490214300027
  Mobile #: Globe +639176254922   PNB Swift Code:   PNBMPHMM
  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.        


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