Financial Information for BS in Nursing Level III

Mountain View College
BS in Nursing Level III Estimated Financial Information
        Men's Dorm Ladies Dorm Villager/
Semestral Charges: Sapphire Chrysolite Commuter
Tuition  (23 units)  16,885.22 16,885.22 16,885.22
Estimated RLE Fee  25,000.00 25,000.00 25,000.00
Estimated Laboratory  6,252.21 6,252.21 6,252.21
General Fees   5,064.28 5,064.28 5,064.28
Dormitory   6,000.00 6,000.00 -  
Cafeteria   16,000.00 15,500.00 -  
Department Club/Dorm Club Fee 200.00 200.00 100.00
Meal Card/School ID Fee 250.00 250.00 125.00
CSC Fees   200.00 200.00 200.00
Total Charges   75,851.71   75,351.71 53,626.71
**RLE Fee differ on number of Intern students.  
**Fees are subject to change with or without prior notice.  
Rates of Charges:       
Tuition     734.14    
  Computer Lab. 3,000.00   per Semester   
  NCM Lab. 2,144.52   per Semester   
  Speech Lab. 1,107.69   per Semester   
General Fees Breakdown:             
  Accreditation Fee 69.70    Guidance Fee  458.78   Medical Fee 127.12
  Audio Visual 118.50    Information Tech. Fee  600.00   Misc. Fees - Mailing 96.28
  CESO Fee 232.30    Inst'l Athletic Fee  98.81   Physical Exam Fee 491.91
  Course Syllabi Fee 92.93    Insurance  90.00   PRISAA 100.00
  Dental Fee 74.31    Library Fee  1,018.39   Research Fee 325.67
  Developmental Fees 303.86    Lyceum Fee  139.39   Test Papers Fee 139.39
  Endowment Fee 232.30    Matriculation  254.63      
              Total General Fees 5,064.28
Schedule of Payment Registration Prelim Exam  Midterm Exam    Semi-Final
    Aug./Jan. Sep./Feb.  Oct./Mar.
  Sapphire/Chrysolite 25,000.00 18,000.00 18,000.00   remaining Balance 
       (subsidized) 15,000.00 13,000.00 13,000.00   remaining Balance 
  Villager/Commuter 15,000.00 13,000.00 13,000.00   remaining Balance 
Other non-regular charges such as music, dental, optical, books and others are to be paid in cash.
Discount: A student who pays in FULL the estimated expenses upon registration will given 5% discount on tuition charges
dormitory rental and cafeteria minimum/meal plan. Only dormitory students with at least 18 units can avail of the discount.
MVC accepts payments through bank to bank and payment in check limited to Demand Draft, Manager's Check & Cashiers Check only.
For your protection, make your remittance payable to MOUNTAIN VIEW COLLEGE.
Financial inquiries should be directed to:   MVC BANK ACCOUNTS   
  Mrs. Nora S. Ligsay   BDO (Peso Acct.) Valencia City 00321-0000691
  Director for Student Finance   LBP  (Peso Acct.) Valencia City 0351-0674-46
  Mountain View College, College Heights   ONB (Peso Acct.) Valencia City 040-49-0001815
  Mt. Nebo, 8709 Valencia City   PNB (Peso Acct.) Malaybalay City 285-035900017
  Bukidnon, Philippines   PNB (Peso Acct.) Valencia City 490214300027
  Mobile #: Globe +639176254922   PNB Swift Code:   PNBMPHMM
  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.        


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