MVC School Song

MVC School Song

A beacon light to all the youth

With ardent hearts that seek for truth

MVC stands supreme and grand

Destined to shine throughout the land.


MVC Alma Mater dear,

MVC Alma Mater dear

Our loyalty we pledge to thee,

School of the light forever be

MVC Alma Mater dear,

MVC Alma Mater dear

So truly we thy name revere,

MVC Alma Mater dear.

Across all isles o’er hills and seas

Through hours of sacrifice or ease,

We’ll ne’er forget thy founding days

And so we’ll ne’er forsake thy ways.

/* */

News & Announcements

July 8 - 15 No on/off campus meetings / practices / games and other activities in preparation for exams. July 11 Grand Social Orientation. July 16-20 PRELIM EXAMS (Regular Class Schedule). July 23-27 Nutrition Week - School of Nursing

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